Paul Kiebler: One of Ohio’s Famous Personalities

Ohio is a state located in the Midwestern part of the United States. From this state, there have been numerous famous personalities that had its roots in the Buckeye State. A famous personality who was born in this state is director Steven Spielberg. Basketball star LeBron James also hails from Ohio. Another Ohioan who is making a name in his field of expertise is Paul Kiebler. Kiebler is one of the top real estate developers in the country while owning two companies in the industry.

The career of Paul Kiebler in the world of real estate started when he became a licensed real estate appraiser in Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. He became a licensed appraiser after his graduation from the Ohio State University in 1992. His degree majored in Real Estate and Urban Analysis. The interest of Kielber with this industry got more ground when he had his first house when he was 16 years old.

All of the life of Kiebler was spent in Ohio. Aside from being a licensed real estate appraiser of the state, Kiebler was also able to build over 3,500 multi-family units in Ohio through his companies Kiebler Properties, LLC, the first company that he owned, and Apollo Property Management. He founded Kiebler Properties in May of 2002 while Apollo was established in May of 2004.

Kiebler Properties focuses on building real estate properties such as apartment, resort, and residential communities. Apollo Property Management, on the other hand, is more on the real estate development and property management services.

Some of the projects include Ventana Hills Apartments with 470 units, Ridgebrook of Concord with 30 units, Berkley Manor Apartments with 252 units, Gateway Crossing Apartments with 256 units, Foxmoor with 223 units, The Village of Sewickley Hills with 100 units, Woodcreek Farms Apartments with 176 units, and Slippery Rock Student Housing and The Ivy Apartments with 632 student beds.

Aside from owning the two companies mentioned, Kiebler is also the owner of Bay Park Condominium Association, Inc., Bay Park, LLC, and Baypointe Preserve Condominium Association, Inc.

When talking about the famous people from Ohio, Paul Kiebler is definitely part of it. With the numerous housing properties that Kiebler was able to develop with his companies, numerous families and students were able to get a decent place to live in. Ohioans would be forever thankful with all the houses that Kiebler and his companies were able to create.

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